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It’s no secret that we have seen some incredible opportunity and subsequent growth manifest at The Empire Post over the past four years.

Originally opening our doors with a tight team of three in 2014, we have not only come leaps and bounds in both our facilities and service offerings, but we can currently boast a twenty-one strong team of extraordinarily talented producers and operators working across our ever growing office space. It’s true when they say: 'it takes an Empire'... and never more so than now. 

With the recent acquisition of our largest scale 3D project to date, our rapid expansion has seen our modest facilitates turn into a post-production powerhouse almost overnight. The project has seen our office expand by an additional 150sqm since January this year and take on 14, yes FOURTEEN, new creatives, primarily for this exciting new project. 


Partnering with F3 Productions’ Director Ian Kenny and Series Creator Jamie DaVicky, The Empire’s VFX team are breaking new ground, bringing to life the fully integrated 3D animation and live action children’s series The Fo-Fo Figgily Show. 

Bursting with enthusiasm and wonder, Fo-Fo Figgily explores fundamental learning concepts and helps children discover the importance of community and positivity by inviting them to enter a world of enchanted characters, puppets, magical visual effects and 3D animation. Seamlessly integrated with live action, shot in the UAE and QLD, the series aims to educate, inspire and engage its 2-6 year old audience. 

But as always, with opportunity comes challenge and change. Bringing the Fo-Fo Figgily animated world to life meant that The Empire had to recruit the best team possible, and that we did. With a stellar line-up of acutely skilled creative talent, headed up by VFX supervisor David Campbell we have not only stretched our physical limitations; expanding the suites to a total working space of just over 600sqm, but we have also adopted and embraced new systems and technologies in order to accommodate the 25 x 15min episodic.

We are excited about our expanded space, facilities and team and look forward to presenting new VFX solutions to our clients. Below is a list of our Fo-Fo Figgily team.


Marlina Al-Johary | Post Production Producer
Niamh Lines | Post Production Co-ordinator
Chantel Studd-Smith | Post Production Assistant
David Campbell | VFX Supervisor
Matt Alexander | Data an I/O Assistant
Mina Rey | Senior Compositor
Randy Vellacott | Compositor
Garth O'Bryan | Compositor
Sergey Volkov | Compositor
Ji Young Lee | Junior Compositor
Phil Jackson | Senior 3D Generalist
Jason Taylor | 3D Generalist
Timothy Baker | 3D Generalist
Isabel Fernandez | Junior 3D Generalist

Digby Hogan