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Christmas @ Empire

Feeling Festive

In case you're suffering from a little post-Christmas-depression (it's a thing) and need a little 'hit' of Christmas, here's something we prepared earlier, to help with the transition into the non-festive season - 2 of our favourites from our December creations.


Sink your teeth into this sweet animation projection for Dreamworld.  It was animated and illustrated in house at The Empire Post working directly with Dreamworld.

The animation allows the viewer to follow Santa as he spreads Christmas cheer and presents through the rides and attractions at Dreamworld. 

This was a great project to raise the Christmas spirit around the office (not that we needed it, our Christmas tree was up in November).  We are always excited to work with Dreamworld and this was no exception. 

We were also so impressed wonderful composer Dan from Jamhouse who expertly composed the music for the animation which turned out fantastically - really capturing that magical Christmas feel


Being involved in this project really gave us that warm and fuzzy feeling, that 'aww' moment and those special Christmas feels. 

Take a look at Stockland's Christmas Film we completed late last year in conjunction with Sydney advertising agency, Eight.

Eight came up with a heart warming concept which was further developed by director Jay Topping. Jay brought his own unique creative flare to the film allowing the viewer to connect with the themes of loneliness, hope and joy that can be aroused in people at Christmas each year. 

Digby Hogan