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Radio Success


This month we have been working with one of Queensland’s biggest disability service providers, CPL- Choice Passion Life.  They have been around for 70 years but some of you may know them by their former name, Cerebral Palsy League.


Wait, they changed their name? Yep! In 2014 Cerebral Palsy League changed to CPL- Choice, Passion, Life. Why, you ask? CPL doesn’t just support and provide services for people diagnosed with cerebral palsy. In fact, less than half of CPL’s clients actually have a diagnosis of cerebral palsy. CPL supports people of all abilities and varying diagnoses and they wanted this to be reflected in their new branding.

Along with this, the disability sector is currently undergoing some big changes, the biggest since the introduction of Medicare.  The catalyst for change?  The NDIS or the National Disability Insurance Scheme ( To conquer these changes, CPL needed to look at the way they provide services to people with disabilities; this included creating a brand based advertising campaign, for the first time ever.

CPL’s experienced marketing team, led by general manager Julie Byth, concluded that the best way to promote CPL’s services, was to share the experiences of current their families through their first ever radio campaign.  

With 5 client stories in mind, CPL wanted some advice on how to bring their campaign together.  

Enter: Empire.

The radio spots were cleverly crafted by Rosco, taking audio grabs from 3 days worth of interviews and piecing together 6 ads which powerfully share a quick insight into the lives of each family.

Since going to air, CPL has seen a 400% increase in traffic to their website and a four-fold increase in new business enquiries.    

The takeaway? Radio isn’t dead! Technology is changing but everyone is still listening to radio and it’s clearly successful when approached in the right way. 

We are now working with CPL to create 5 online videos that share the incredible stories of the families featured in the radio spots + more. Keep an eye out for them in September!

You can find out more about CPL at 

Digby Hogan