giving back

Since late 2016 we've made a focus of supporting the local community and charity organisations across Australia. If you've spent time in our Brisbane office you've probably been lucky enough to meet one (or five) of Nicole & Digby's foster puppies, who they frequently foster, nurture back to health and then find loving homes for. Or perhaps you've had the opportunity to make a donation under The Empire's yearly Christmas Tree drive.

With a strong desire to give more, our amazing and talented team at The Empire Post have created an on going, yearly fundraising campaign with an ambitious goal to reach $30,000.00 in donations by June 30th 2018. The concept is simple. We will donate $100.00 for every project that we complete throughout the 2017-2018 financial year. With an additional $500.00 being donated for every $10,000.00 reached. The best part?  We have carefully selected 5 Australian charities that we will be supporting over the next 12 months and our clients get to choose which tip jar they would like to add to.

Make sure you check back to see where the tallies are at!    


beyond blue: $1100.00

Royal Fly Doctor: $300.00

Youngcare: $100.00

QLD Aids Council: $100.00

Cancer Council: $0.00

total donations: $1600.00


  1. Escape Travel: $100.00 Beyond Blue
  2. National Mining: $100.00 Beyond Blue
  3. Clemenger: $100.00 Beyond Blue
  4. Escape travel: $100.00 Beyond Blue
  5. FIRME: $100.00 Beyond Blue
  6. Google: $100.00 Royal Flying Doctor
  7. Play TV: $100.00 Youngcare
  8. CPL: $100.00 Beyond Blue
  9. Escape Travel: $100.00 Beyond Blue
  10. True Creative: $100.00 Beyond Blue
  11. CXA: $100.00 Beyond Blue
  12. Google: $100.00 Royal Flying Doctor
  13. Escape Travel: $100.00 Beyond Blue
  14. Storyline: $100.00 Royal Flying Doctor
  15. CPL: $100.00 QLD Aids Council
  16. Compadre: $100.00 Beyond Blue