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it's time to give a little...

We are so excited to share with you our Charity Tip Jar campaign! From July 1, 2017 The Empire Post will be donating $100.00 from every project to 1 of 5 selected charities. The best bit? Our clients get to choose which jar they would like to tip! Our goal is to raise $30,000.00 in donations. You will be able to check in each month to see who has donated, and to which charity. Throughout the year, The Empire will also be actively raising funds through events and promotions. You can follow the progress HERE



cpl- choice passion life

brand campaign


Over the past couple of months, we've had the pleasure of working alongside CPL to create and launch their new brand campaign. 

Who is CPL? You might know them as the Cerebral Palsy League. They’re one of the biggest disability service providers in Queensland. Recently they changed their name to CPL – Choice, Passion, Life because they actually support people of all disabilities and they wanted to acknowledge that as well as refresh their public face in line with the wave of changes coming from the NDIS.

What’s the NDIS? It’s like the mining boom, but in disability services. The National Disability Insurance Scheme is a new way of delivering support to Australian with disabilities. It’s revolutionary and life changing. Read about why:

So the NDIS is a pretty big deal and CPL want to be top of mind for people with disabilities and consumers of their services. And that’s where we came in, working with CPL to tell five of their clients stories.

It has been very humbling and grounding to work with all five families to share their stories with the world. Their sheer strength, positivity and determination is truly inspiring and we cannot wait to share their videos and TVCs with the world over the coming months.

We've been so lucky to work with CPL’s Marketing team, who are not only truly passionate about their brand, but also incredibly caring and understanding of their client’s needs. You can feel it radiating off every team member you meet. 

Below you will find Jenny's story and The Peach Family's story. Check back in later in the year to watch a further three that we are currently working on.


BADC Success

The Empire Post takes homes Bronze

This year we were really excited to have  3 finalist nominations and to take home a bronze award for Digital Motion Graphics for our Pixel Sweater project with Google . Congratulations to all finalists and award winners! It was a fantastic evening and a great opportunity to showcase everyone's work from the past 12 months. 

IMG_E4035 3.jpg

finalist 2017 badc awards

finalist 2017 badc awards

bronze 2017 badc awards


interns @ Empire

The Empire Post embraces new talent

At The Empire Post we are passionate about supporting students as they take their first steps into the industry. Since 2015 we've been working with QUT, Griffith University and JMC Academy, to provide students with the opportunity to gain an insight into post production. Every year we have a number of interns join us as attachments to our unique creative teams . We accommodate students with interests in editing, animation, sound engineering and producing, allowing them a first hand experience along side our talented team members.

As well as our internships and work placement programs, Digby participates in the mentorship program at Griffith University where he mentors students with an interest in post production. This experience provides students with the one on one opportunity to work along side Digby on their own project and ventures, knowing they have the guidance and support of not only an editor, but a young creative who also started his career through making indie films .

The best part is we never know what an internship could lead to – take our talented editor, Georgia Mackay, for example, who started out as a QUT work placement and is now one of our very talented offline editors! We are always looking for new talent that we can nurture and grow, after all, The Empire is based on it's amazing people.  


quarterly content

Please enjoy some of our favourite projects from the last 3 months...