The Town Crier

Welcome to our monthly wrap up, 'The Crier'. Select from the months below to see what we've been up to!

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We're half way!

As did Jan & Feb, March - June has also also disappeared in the blink of an eye. As the financial year ends, we thought we would showcase a few of the projects that have kept us busy over the last 4 months. 



January and February have flown by at The Empire. With multiple long form projects kicking in, we saw the recruitment of 14 new producers and operators, we hit up SXSW, sunk our teeth into a cool new Music Video and again expanded our ever growing facilities.


end of year

November & December were filled with all things festive. From heartwarming Christmas films to fun and colourful animations. Let's also not forget the party of the year!



October has been the month of stories, from a 5 part docs series raising funds and awareness for motor neurone disease through to a grounding and inspiring doco from a young award winning film maker. 



September brought us The BADC Awards, new interns, a new online video campaign and the launch of our Charity Tip Jar!



This month saw the launch of 'The 48 Hour Destination', the addition of two new Empire warriors and some fantastic radio success for one of our most special clients.